XTreme Tape Ultimate Pipe Wrap

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XTreme Tape Ultimate Pipe Wrap


XTreme Tape Ultimate Pipe Wrap MOCAP now offers XTreme Tape as the Ultimate Pipe Wrap for Weatherproofing, Insulating , and Corrosive Pipe Protection. Its low water absorption and resistance to high temperatures, make it perfectly suited for home projects, renovations and maintenance.

XTreme Tape is the Ultimate Pipe Repair Wrap XTreme Pipe Wrap:

  • Self-Fusing… Bonds Only to itself
  • Insulates up to 8,000 Volts
  • Forms an Air and Moisture Tight Seal
  • Waterproofs, Weatherproofs and Withstands UV Rays
  • Stays Flexible to -60 F, Won't Melt up to 500 F

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