MOCAP 30-Year Celebration

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MOCAP 30-Year Celebration


MOCAP Celebrates is 30th year of business MOCAP celebrates a major milestone by reaching it's 30th YEAR in the manufacturing business. MOCAP began manufacturing dip molded vinyl caps, plugs, and grips in 1982 at its first factory located in St. Louis, Missouri USA. MOCAP's dedication to quality sales and service has allowed the company to grow such that by 1994 MOCAP had opened 2 new factories in Missouri, a state of the art facility in the United Kingdom, and another wholly owned and operated manufacturing plant in Zhongshan, Guangdong, China.

We have grown faster than our competition for one reason only - our customers. Leading manufacturers around the world choose MOCAP for their plastic and rubber solutions. Mocap will continue to invest into new concepts, products and other means to strengthen the company and continue to grow and expand the company for many more years to come.

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