Double Dip Grips


Double Dip Grips


Double Dip Rubber Grips
Double Dip Grips


Double Dip Vinyl Grips Double-Layer Vinyl Grip Double Dip Hand Grip Tube End Grips Double Dip Vinyl Grips Double Dip Rubber Grips Two-Color Grips Vinyl Double-Dip Grips Rubber Double-Dip Grips
  • Material: Vinyl
  • Unique Color/Material Combination Possibilities
  • Dual Wall Feature
  • Durable

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Not Quite Sure What You Need? Want to Consider Another Type or a Different Material?
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Double Dip Grips - Information

If your application calls for a thicker wall or unique handle cover, MOCAP's Round Vinyl Grips, Flat Vinyl Grips or Finger Nub Vinyl Grips are also available with a dual-wall, whereas the grip can be double-dipped in various materials, colors or hardness durometers (soft, semi-rigid or hard) to fit your application.

Our Double Dip Gripsprovide maximum comfort and durability and are currently used on a wide variety of hand tools and instruments.

Choose from our many including our traditional smooth & glossy vinyl or textured vinyl material. Flexible but durable vinyl materials can stretch onto slightly larger dimensions for a snug fit without splitting, tearing or shredding. All MOCAP grip materials are tough, weather resistant and attractive.

Many of our vinyl plastic grips can be imprinted with your company name, logo or message.

To get more information about MOCAP's Double Dip Grips, call our sales department at 800.633.6775 or use our Contact Request Form to receive information by e-mail.


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