Sustainability At MOCAP, we recognize the critical importance of protecting the environment and are committed to promoting sustainable practices throughout our operations and supply chain, minimizing waste and maximizing the value of our products. Not only do we strive to produce high-quality plastic products that are durable and long-lasting, but also ensure they are capable of being recycled. We continuously explore new technologies and materials that reduce our environmental impact and improve the sustainability of our products. We are committed to reducing our greenhouse gas emissions, conserving energy and water, and minimizing waste generation through the use of efficient production methods and improving our waste management systems.

MOCAP is taking decisive steps to enhance its environmental commitment
by implementing several eco-conscious initiatives.

  • We have installed solar panels on our Park Hills, MO USA factory premises, a move aimed at harnessing renewable energy while also contributing surplus power to the grid.

  • In the construction of our latest facility spanning 100,000 square feet in Park Hills, MO, USA, we incorporated skylights to diminish reliance on artificial lighting throughout daylight hours. This initiative not only conserves energy by minimizing electricity consumption but also fosters a more enjoyable work atmosphere. Additionally, during winter months, the skylights play a role in facilitating passive solar heating.

  • MOCAP is moving towards adding recyclable materials sourced from post-consumer sources in its products. This transition aligns with the principles of a circular economy, aiming to reduce waste and optimize resource utilization. Additionally, the company is reassessing its supply chain by expanding manufacturing in strategic locations. This approach reduces the necessity for extensive material transportation, thereby effectively lowering carbon emissions linked to logistics.

  • Sustainability
  • Where feasible, integrating the utilization of regrind, which is the scrap material created by the various manufacturing processes for which our products are produced.

  • Whenever any older production equipment requires replacing, we source the most energy efficient possible. Examples of this would be all electric blow-molding machines or injection-molding machines that feature servo hydraulic or variable speed motors.

  • 95% of our facilities have been converted to LED lighting, which are more energy efficient, have a much longer lifespan and contains no toxic elements, unlike traditional bulbs.

  • Our production processes utilize a closed loop water system, which helps reduce water consumption and environmental impacts, and plays a key role in sustainable water management.

  • The Environmental Management Systems at our manufacturing locations in Park Hills, MO USA , Telford, UK, and Sheffield, UK are ISO 14001:2015 compliant.

  • These showcase MOCAP's dedication to sustainable manufacturing practices and reducing its carbon footprint.

    MOCAP's multifaceted approach demonstrates a continual drive towards environmental consciousness, from energy sourcing to material selection and supply chain optimization. These initiatives underscore the company's commitment to fostering sustainability within its industry and beyond.

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