MOCAP acquires William Beckett Plastics

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MOCAP acquires William Beckett Plastics


MOCAP acquires William Beckett Plastics We are pleased to announce that William Beckett Plastics Ltd of Sheffield, England has been acquired by MOCAP LLC, located in Park Hills, MO USA. MOCAP is a leading manufacturer of quality plastic and rubber caps, plugs and grips, as well as extruded clear plastic packaging tubes and closures. In addition to the main manufacturing facility in Park Hills, MO, MOCAP also has manufacturing locations in Telford, England and in Zhongshan, China.

This move ensures that the commitment you expect to the highest product quality and dedication to customer service will continue well into the future. It is because of this common foundation and shared philosophy that the acquisition of William Beckett Plastics Ltd. by MOCAP LLC came about.

For more information, please read this article in this month's issue of Plastic News:

Mocap buys England's William Beckett Plastics

"If I had written the profile of the ideal company I would most like to acquire our company, it is doubtful if I could have found a better one than MOCAP. The future is exciting for William Beckett Plastics!" - William Beckett

"With the acquisition of William Beckett Plastics Ltd., MOCAP is able to offer the most extensive line of plastic packaging containers to our current customer base as well as introducing MOCAP’s line of protective closures and clear tube packaging to William Beckett Plastics Ltd. customers. This alliance enables MOCAP to broaden our scope and provide our customers with a product line that is unrivaled in this industry." - Greg Miller

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