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Custom Vinyl Dip Molding


Custom Vinyl Dip Molded Plastic
Custom Vinyl Dip Molding

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Custom Vinyl Dip Molding - Information

With the acquisition of the dip molding division of Steere Enterprises, MOCAP now has over 80 years of combined dip molding experience.

Besides a very large selection of standard, stock and proprietary products including molded plastic vinyl >caps, plugs,handle grips and masking products, MOCAP can offer the best in custom dip molded plastic parts.

Our state of the art manufacturing facilities in USA, UK and China, complete with in-house tooling shops, allows MOCAP to offer the lowest cost vinyl dip mold tooling in the industry.

Vinyl dip molding prototype tooling costs are also very low and prototype parts can be produced usually in less than 2 weeks. MOCAP uses the most efficient advanced dip molding machines to produce the high quality low cost parts you demand. When a custom vinyl dip molded part is required, MOCAP is the obvious choice!

Contact MOCAP to discuss your application and to determine if custom vinyl dip molding is best for manufacturing the part you need.


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