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EPDM Rubber Caps and Plugs

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EPDM Caps and Plugs

MOCAP High Temperature EPDM Rubber Caps are the quality low cost high performance solution to your masking needs. Flexible EPDM rubber material allows these masking caps and plugs to seal round and odd shape items against powder coating, plating and E-coating processes. Special high temperature resistant EPDM rubber material caps and plugs are chemical resistant and good to 300°F(149°C). EPDM rubber can be re-used in many applications.

Need Masking Products Good to Over 600°F(316°C)? Consider MOCAP's Silicone Rubber Caps and Plugs.

Want to Consider other Masking Products Good up to 475°F(246°C) ? Consider MOCAP's High Temperature Vinyl Caps and Plugs.

MOCAP's Line of Masking Products Includes Silicone and EPDM Rubber Caps and Plugs and High Temperature Resistant Vinyl Caps and Plugs Stocked in Many Sizes for Immediate Shipment. Visit MOCAP's Directory Page of All Masking Products to view our full line of masking caps and plugs.

MOCAP EPDM rubber caps and plugs are available in dozens of sizes to fit your specific application.

MOCAP Manufactures and Stocks EPDM Rubber Caps and Plugs in Many Shapes and Sizes for Immediate Shipment.

Most EPDM Rubber Masking Caps and Plugs are Available in Mini-Paks when Less than Case Quantities are Needed

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