High Temperature Vinyl Caps and Plugs


High Temperature Vinyl Caps and Plugs

MOCAP - High Temp Vinyl Caps and Plugs

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High Temp Vinyl Caps and Plugs

MOCAP High Temperature Vinyl Plastic Masking Caps and Plugs are the quality, low cost answer to your masking needs. Flexible vinyl material allows these plastic caps to seal round and odd shape items. Special high temperature resistant vinyl material withstands up to 475°F(246°C).

MOCAP high temperature vinyl masking caps and plugs are often used as inexpensive and disposable single use masking caps for painting and coating processes.

Need Masking Products Good to Over 600°F(316°C)?... Consider MOCAP's Silicone Rubber Caps and Plugs. Also Consider EPDM Rubber Cap and Plug Masking Products Good to 300°F(149°C)

MOCAP's Line of Masking Products Includes Silicone and EPDM Rubber Caps and Plugs and High Temperature Resistant Vinyl Caps and Plugs Stocked in Many Sizes for Immediate Shipment

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