Protective Caps, Plugs, Grips, Netting


Protective Caps, Plugs, Grips, Netting

MOCAP has the Product Protection Part that fits.MOCAP manufactures several families of vinyl plastic dip moldedand plastic injection molded plastic caps, plugs, handle grips and covers for all of your product protection needs. From injection molded low density polyethylene plastic caps and plugs to vinyl dip molded caps, plugs, grips, sleeves, and corner covers, MOCAP has the low cost quality products to satisfy your product protection requirements.

MOCAP - Caps

The vinyl dip molding process allows you to specify length, wall thickness, material, color, texture and hardness with no additional tooling charges.

MOCAP also offers hundreds of sizes, shapes and designs of polyethylene plastic caps and plugs stocked and ready to ship.

MOCAP - Protective Netting

MOCAP's protective netting is stocked on rolls in sizes to fit parts from 1/4" to 12" diameter.

MOCAP - Self Bonding Silicone Electrical Tape

Silicone X-Treme Tape is a self-fusing wrap that won't melt to 500°F(260°C), remains flexible to -80°F(-62°C) and can insulate up to 8000V.

And if our standard caps, plugs and grips won't meet your needs, let our engineering department design a customized part for you. Either way, MOCAP Has the Part That Fits.

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