Secondary Operations - Printing, Punching, Slicing and Assembly


Secondary Operations - Printing, Punching, Slicing and Assembly

MOCAP - Secondary Operations

Secondary Assembly Operations -- Related Products

Secondary Operations

When your application requires something more than a standard part, MOCAP offers several secondary operations to convert, enhance or improve your product. We can create custom sleeves, rings, slots, covers, masks, and punch outs at the most economical prices.

Printing can add your logo or other valuable information to most dip molded vinyl plastic caps, plugs and grips. Multi-color and consecutive number printing are also available.

Punching can add a hole or custom shape not possible through conventional molding processes

Slicing to remove a portion of the part creating a custom fit or specialized function.

Slitting adds a slot or thin opening on almost any surface

Assembly to create products from components, or add packaging to your product

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